What is argentium sterling silver ?

Argentium is an alloy of sterling silver which like traditional sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver.  What makes argentium different is that some of the 7.5% of copper found in traditional sterling silver has been replaced with a small amount of germanium. The addition of germanium makes argentium highly tarnish resistant compared to traditional sterling silver. 

Why does my piece of jewelry look different from the photos ?

Colours of stones and metals will vary because of the difference in colour from the computer or smart phone or tablet to real life.

Where is the jewelry made ?

All jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in the studio of Vicki Angela Holliday in Virginia.

What does the FMHM on the heart tag stand for ?

FMHM stands for “From My Heart and Mind”, because each piece of jewelry is created from my heart and mind.

My mind is where the ideas begin,

my heart nurtures the ideas to fruition, and 

my hands build the ideas into reality.